In order for the Star Monsters Wiki to be a fun and safe place to be, users must follow these rules to ensure it can be maintained that way.

Article rules

  • Please do not add content to a page unless it is confirmed or has a source.
  • Ensure images uploaded are of high quality (if this is not the case, and is the only image you can source, then it is okay). In addition, if you are to upload an image, please ensure you are using it either on article space or your user page.
  • Please do not vandalise articles. This means to remove / alter content on articles to distrupt and destroy it.
  • Please do not be hurtful to other users or use strong language on the wiki. Star Monsters is a kid friendly franchise!
  • Anything that you want to add about yourself should not be personal but can be on your userpage.

Chat rules

  • Do not offend or be hurtful towards other chatters. Remember that a person is behind the screen!
  • If you have a problem, enter private message mode with a moderator and report to them. If none are active, you can leave a message on their talk page.
  • Please keep a limit on the amount of words used in upper case letters; LIKE THIS! IT CAN BE KIND OF ANNOYING.
  • Please keep arguments to a low. The Star Monsters have just landed; and this would not be a good impression to give to them!
  • Do not spam. (This would be to insert a bunch of gibberish language onto the chat, or generally distrupting chat with nonsense)

If you break the rules?

  • Breaking a rule above once results in a warning. 
  • Breaking a rule twice recieves another warning.
  • Breaking the rule three times receives a short ban from either working on the wiki, chatting on the wiki or maybe both considering on the actions taken.
  • If this continues to occur after a short ban, it is up to the admin involved to decide what is next. That could be a longer ban or an infinite ban. 

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